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Radio Azad Hind

Bhopal, Madhya Padesh

Radio Banasthali

Tonk, Rajasthan
The programmes are designed in such a way that encourages community participation. Since phone-in is an easy medium to connect and ensure community participation, members from the community representing students, staff, villagers, farmers, women, children, are constantly part of the programming content...

Radio Benziger

Kollam, Kerala
Community Radio Benziger is managed by an advisory board which has a representative character. It's spectrum of ownership is wide enough to include all community members which makes it truly a peoples' radio...

Radio Birsa Hariyali

Ranchi, Jharkhand

Radio Bundelkhand

Tikamgarh, Madhya Padesh
Radio Bundelkhand is a participatory model and jointly managed and run by the community and Development Alternatives. Most of the programmes of RB is developed with the participation of local community right from coming up with ideas of programmes, sharing their talent and expressing their interest to give the programmes for the Radio...

Radio DC Community FM

Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala
The essence of our functioning is to penetrate into the social consciousness of the masses through excellent means of variety edutainment. With this mission we are dedicated to join hands with multi interest groups to bring out the desired mandate of the CRS...

Radio Dharkan

Shivpuri, Madhya Padesh
Since its inception, Radio Dhadkan has covered a population of over 170,000 (in 51 villages and some parts of urban Shivpuri). Of this population, approximately 20.3 per cent are SC, eight per cent are ST, and 43...

Radio Eminent

Tonk, Rajasthan
Community participation played a vital role in making Community Radio Eminent successful. The core of our programming revolves around the collective and interactive participation whether it is related to Kisan Pathshala or programmes like Nirogi Kaya...

Radio FTII

Pune, Maharashtra
Earning the faith of the community is a prerequisite for their active participation. Radio FTII staff goes to the community and the community is also called to the studios of Radio FTII as per the feasibility...

Radio IGKV

Raipur, Chhatisgarh

119 Radio Voices in the directory.
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Community media is any form of media that is created and controlled by a community, either a geographic community or a community of identity or interest. However, if the fundamental premise of the media is to engage those groups that are categorically excluded and marginalized from the media-making process, it will be included on this website, even if it is not explicitly created and controlled by the community.

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