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Bol Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
University of Hyderabad's Campus Radio Station

Deccan Radio

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Community participation requires going beyond discussion to enable community to become an integral part of the concept, decision making and action process. Our team selects a targeted area and moves there...

EK duniya anEK awaaz

EK duniya anEK awaaz is a web based open audio content and resource exchange platform for community radio broadcasters, aims to facilitate the meaningful utilisation of resources while breaking the geographical boundaries.

KMIT Tarang

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Interaction with the community is done through various ways. Our primary target is school and college going students from the community. We go to the student community and gather the necessary information...

MUST Radio

Mumbai, Maharashtra
The main focus of MUST radio is community amalgamation and students are a big part of the community apart from ethnic groups and migrants. More than 50% of the staff and participation are community members...

Puduvai Vani

Puducherry, Puducherry
Community members especially women attend transmission and live duties. They load programmes operating faders, schedule programmes, make announcements, run transmission and produce programmes. They get financial empowerment by participating in Puduvai Vaani programmes...

Radio DC Community FM

Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala
The essence of our functioning is to penetrate into the social consciousness of the masses through excellent means of variety edutainment. With this mission we are dedicated to join hands with multi interest groups to bring out the desired mandate of the CRS...

Radio FTII

Pune, Maharashtra
Earning the faith of the community is a prerequisite for their active participation. Radio FTII staff goes to the community and the community is also called to the studios of Radio FTII as per the feasibility...

Radio Siddhartha

Tumkur, Karnataka
We have prepared a proposal for making the community radio programmes more participatory and relevant in the real sense of the term with minimum investment.

Ravenshaw Radio

Cuttack, Odisha
Students as well as members of the local community come to our studio and show their interest to participate in various programmes. We have not reached to the local community physically due to lack of adequate staff and support...

14 English Voices in the directory.
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Community media is any form of media that is created and controlled by a community, either a geographic community or a community of identity or interest. However, if the fundamental premise of the media is to engage those groups that are categorically excluded and marginalized from the media-making process, it will be included on this website, even if it is not explicitly created and controlled by the community.

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