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Community Media in Bundeli

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EK duniya anEK awaaz

EK duniya anEK awaaz is a web based open audio content and resource exchange platform for community radio broadcasters, aims to facilitate the meaningful utilisation of resources while breaking the geographical boundaries.

Khabar Lahariya

Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh
Written in the local language, Bundeli, Khabar Lahariya provides a mix of news, information and entertainment specifically for its Bundelkhandi audience - rural and with mostly low levels of literacy.

Lalit Lokvani

Lalit, Uttar Pradesh
Lalit Lokvani also invites SHGs members, voluntary organisations, and members from listeners groups, child reporters and PRIs members to be a part of the CRS. Lalit Lokvani has been using active strategies to engage the community well before the actual establishment of the CR station, including doing the needs assessment, planning and programme implementation stages...

3 Bundeli Voices in the directory.


Community media is any form of media that is created and controlled by a community, either a geographic community or a community of identity or interest. However, if the fundamental premise of the media is to engage those groups that are categorically excluded and marginalized from the media-making process, it will be included on this website, even if it is not explicitly created and controlled by the community.

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