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Rudi No Radio

District: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

In April 2005, SEWA(Self employed Women's Association began its first community radio programme, entitled Rudi no Radio (Rudi's Radio), a weekly 15-minute programme produced and broadcast by SEWA for a rural audience.

Media: Radio

Radio Frequency: 90.4

Community Served: rural audience

Geography Served: Manipur, Godhavi, NIdhrad,Garodiya, Palodiya, Vanchrada, Unali, Shilaj, Sanad,JIdura, Telav, shela, Ghuma


Website: Click Here


Telephone: 9825415062, 9825415062

Primary contact: Namrata Bali

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Rudi No Radio, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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About Rudi No Radio

The programme is named after SEWA's first member who began organizing women in rural areas.A radio programme is aired on ALL India Radio(Ahmedabad-Vadodara)from 8 to 8.15pm on every saturday. In each episode, Rudiben is informally sitting and talking with local members of her village about the things that affect them, as women workers.

The episodes includes various topics like nutrition, insurance, health, education, environment, communal harmony,agriculture, traditional,art and crafts, festivals etc.

To spread awareness among the listeners,the Rudi no Radio team personally visits their areas and organizes training and workshops.

Mailing Address:

Manipur Village, Sansad Taluka
Sanad Taluka


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